Thursday, October 11, 2007


I tend to use a lot of abbreviations, and that isn't necessarily the best choice amongst people just learning a class. As such, I'll list all of the abbreviations I'm likely to use in this Glossary.

SoC/JoC - Seal/Judgment of Command
SotC/JotC - S/J of the Crusader
SoB/JoB - S/J of Blood
SoR/JoR - S/J of Righteousness
HoJ - Hammer of Justice
AW - Avenging Wrath
CS - Crusader Strike
DS - Divine Shield
BoP, BoF, BoM, BoS, BoSanc, BoW, BoK, BoL - Blessing of : Protection, Freedom, Might, Salvation, Sanctuary, Wisdom, Kings, Light respectively
Wis - BoW
Salv - BoS
FoL - Flash of Light
HL - Holy Light
r(X) added at the end of FoL or HL, (X) being a number - a specific rank of the spell. For example, FoLr7 is currently our highest rank of Flash of Light
PoJ - Pursuit of Justice
HS - Holy Shield or Shock. Play the context clues game in this case, I tend to use it for both.

If there's any I failed to mention that I've used, please mention it in the comments or an e-mail and I'll add it!

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