Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Loot rewards

BoK has been discussing the PvP epics vs. regular epics discussion, and I thought I'd weigh in on it too...

Timesink. This game and virtually all other MMRPGs are unfortunately purely designed in this way, to waste as much time as possible to get as minimal a reward as possible. Part of the problem is the complete avoidance of the concept of character death - if you cannot lose your character in any way, shape or form, the rewards have to be slow and time-consuming, so that you cannot perfect yourself.

But they're really too slow.

People complain about being able to get PvP epics, but it isn't as though they're handed to you. I have 3 pieces from months of play from the arena, and the other 3 I earned from what can be asbolutely mind-numbing BG PUGs. I don't think there was any lack of effort on my part.

The difference is the staggering amount of time you comparatively have to spend in PvE efforts. Rep rewards, raiding time, all of these require ridiculous amounts of time put in. The only way to get everything out of the game is to sacrifice all of your other games and many other interests. At 10-15 hours a week I can never catch up to any of my goals, especially not with raiding in the schedule, and getting an epic flying mount is almost certainly never going to happen at this point.

Long story short, rewards take far too much time as it is. PvP rewards may be a bit too easy, but I believe the effort required to get PvE rewards is so severe that it makes PvP look a lot easier than it really is.


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gt said...

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Alex - aka Firelight said...


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Gauntlet said...

For me, I am in favor of the PvP-awards time-sink, because of my playstyle: I never PUG so I don't get to instance, and on my favored side (Alliance) the only other player who has a character of my level is my wife, and she's not super-happy with her gear right now so she's been playing alts.

So, despite it taking a fair amount of time to get, I can "solo" and earn the honor and marks to obtain a nice and nearly-complete set of matching armor. That's huge for me.

Tom said...

yeah, I wouldn't say PvP is too easy to get. I would have said this last season as well, because PvP gear takes the same ammount of time, it's just that you can spread it out over a longer period that the raid enviorment.

NOW with the new S4 rating requirements, it's even more so.

Now mind numbing BG's and 10 games per week in Arena arn't enough you need to be GOOD to get good gear.

As a fellow Ret Pally I'm sure you know that Ret's are not an OP class , especially in 2's (where I do the majority of my matches). As such it's going to be extremely difficult to make it to the required 1700 this season for me.

You can read about my arena exploits and the difficulties I face with my Holy Pally partner in 2's


Alan / Falcon said...

Still waiting on these posts. :-) I miss the blog.

1) Install WWS and use it to post some hard Ret numbers.

2) Post an e-mail requesting gear/playstyle advice

3) Post an e-mail from a heavy pvper requesting arena advice.